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The local Burnaby stairlift area is well-served by Wheelchair Works stairlift suppliers. Our certified dealer network is the only way to get service for Wheelchair Works stairlifts, even though they are the greatest space-saving stairlifts on the market. Having local merchants who provide outstanding customer service is a great honour.

It's possible with the appropriate stairlift selection. If you have a straight or Burnaby Curved Stairlift, our Burnaby stairlift can let you enjoy your house to the fullest.

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Five Benefits Of Installing Burnaby Curved Stairlift

It is becoming increasingly difficult for homeowners to find acceptable home mobility devices since their interest has grown dramatically in recent years. Stairlifts, notably the Burnaby stairlift, are among the most prominent, but what makes them so special?

Why Could You Have A Burnaby Curved Stairlift?

Burnaby Curved Stairlift are needed for those who cannot walk up and down the stairs. The primary purpose is to make it easier for those with mobility impairments to utilise stairwells.

Burnaby Curved Stairlift is ideal for those with mobility problems since it can be integrated into the existing staircase construction and provide an autonomous way to ascend and descend the stairwell.

It Can Be Adapted To The Architecture Of Your Home.

Sadly, not every stairway is straight and has the same ascent grade, which may be accommodated using a curved stairlift. In keeping with the name, they may be created and constructed to meet your home's specific shape and structure, including numerous curves. It may also be used indoors or outdoors, but it's worth noting that they are ready options for consumers due to their adjustable features.

Increased Security

Nearly all new residential stairlifts are equipped with several security mechanisms to ensure the user's safety. A comfortable chair, safety straps, and the assurance that the stairlift is firmly locked into place are all part of this package. Although straight mobility stairlifts are not necessarily less safe than their curved counterparts, more safety measures are likely added due to the complexity of their curves.

Walking Is No Longer Painful.

Curved stairs, as previously indicated, have an additional advantage of making the second level more accessible to those with limited mobility. As a result, a curved staircase requires a more significant amount of movement than a straight staircase, which makes it more challenging to go up and down. Curved domestic stairlifts eliminate any need to walk, rendering the overall process of utilising your staircases much more comfortable.

Encourages Self-Reliance

Utilising a stairlift is an excellent way for those with mobility challenges to get greater independence, which is something that everyone wants. Primarily all stairlifts are designed to do so without assistance to allow the user to move around the house independently. Alternatively, the user is strapped into a chair before using a button control to ascend or descend a stairwell's rails.


Since it may customise them, curved accessibility staircases may appear to be pricey, but they are still extremely reasonable in comparison. Because these devices are intended solely for the use of those who are unable or unwilling to work, most domestic stairlift producers keep their prices as low as possible. Because of their many advantages, including preventing stairway accidents, these railings may be considered an investment.

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Handicare 2000 Curved Stairlifts

Spiral staircases, landings, and bends are ideal for a curved stairlift. 2000 has the company's most minor track curves. Custom-made for your home's construction, each 2000 is designed to sit tightly along your walls and maximise the remaining space of your staircase.


Whether installed indoor or outdoor, the 2000 stairlift is made to last thanks to its weather-resistant construction. The 2000 outdoor system is ideal for porches, walks, and decks, allowing you to go and get back to nature.

- Weight restriction: 250 lbs without heavy-duty equipment, 300 pounds with it.

- Chargers with a variety of ports

- The footrest, seat, and armrests can all be folded up out of the way to provide more room for other stairway users.

- As soon as something blocks the lift's route, its security sensors shut it down promptly.

- The ability to adjust the seat height guarantees that each user has the optimal fit.

- The lift chair has a manual rotation seat for easier entry and exit.

- Move quietly and carefully, starting and stopping softly.

- The key switch has been installed to prevent unwanted usage Carpeted footrests provide a better grip.

- Stopping manually in case of emergency

- Two different remotes

- Seatbelt that retracts

- It runs on DC power and may be plugged into a wall socket.

- In the case of a power outage, a rechargeable battery is essential.


Powered Hinged Track: It is possible to fold the trackback from the entryway, making it easier to go in and out.

Powered Footrest: It may fold up the footrest at the push of a button. Its safety function prohibits you from either manually collapsing the footrest or leaving it folded, making it difficult to get in and out of your vehicle to avoid tripping hazards.

Body Harness: Choose the Body Harness choice if you need more stability and support while riding the stairlift.

Powered Swivel Seat: To depart the lift facing the drop instead of sideways, you can turn your seat around by pressing a toggle switch facing the landing as you come off the charge.

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