Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital beds, also known as homecare beds are a great solution for many applications. Whether you or a loved one is being discharged and ready to make a return to home or you are simply looking for an adjustable position bed to maximize your comfort, we have you covered. Boasting the lowest rental prices in the city, we offer delivery and pickup the day you give us a call. There are a few options to consider when renting a hospital bed and an associate would be happy to speak with you to confirm availability and delivery options!

Why Rent From Us?

Lowest price guarantee

Same day free delivery

Wide selection

Rental payments can be used towards the purchase of that product

Only offer industry leading and recommended brands

Thoroughly inspected before renting

Only true 24-hour service company in the Lower Mainland

Same-day emergency service guarantee

No pressure sales – if you speak to us and don’t think we’re the right fit, we’ll respect your decision!

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