Stairlifts In Aldergrove

Wheelchair Works Inc. takes pride in providing stairlifts in Aldergrove and its neighboring cities.  With us, you have a solid and stable supplier who offers high-quality, sturdy stairlifts. 

Affordable, Safe Lifts That You Can Afford

CHAIR LIFT IN ALDERGROVE -  Wheelchair Works’ New And Pre-owned Lifts 

Stairlifts can provide you or your family member with a host of benefits, but it can also be an expensive exercise depending on the type of staircase you are dealing with. One’s mobility isn’t limited with the right affordable chair lift in Aldergrove. This goes with moving freely around your home, office, and other locations where one is in place.

USED STAIRLIFTS IN ALDERGROVE BC - Select A Lift For Your Everyday Needs

We have an extensive range of used stairlifts in Aldergrove BCwhich enable you to get the best solution to mobility support requirements. 


All lifts undergo quality inspection and testing when we have them in stock. Each Aldergrove lift chair has been thoroughly checked and serviced. 

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Each stairlift is set up to offer you a great outcome. Our sales and installation team in Aldergrove will do all they can to help in determining what you need, offering you efficient solutions that are a good fit. 

  • Straight Stairlifts
  • Built for a single flight of stairs that go in a straight line without any interruptions from bends, landings, or turns, turns or bends, incorporating a straight stairlift into their home provides ease and with independence. 

  • Curved Stairlifts
  • Whether it's you or a family member, your stairlift enables them to access upstairs and downstairs in the home with ease. 

  • Outdoor Stairlifts
  • A curved stairlift can provide added flexibility on where it actually starts and stops, and could actually bend round to the landing side of the stair.


    Accurate, meticulous customization for a better fit

    The more you can identify what you need, the easier it is for us to work with you. The set up for each product can vary and we’ll help you find one that you can work well with. 

    All equipment is backed with warranty

    Don't worry if you aren't sure what you need or what will work best. We will take the time to discuss this with you and to better understand your needs. Based on the information you share with us, we can recommend what will truly suit you.

    How much does a stairlift cost?

    Stairlift prices vary and these depend on the chosen model, and staircase structure. A high-quality straight stairlift at Wheelchair Works starts at around $3,000.

    What is the purpose of having a stairlift?

    Normally, stairlifts are devices in homes and other buildings used to help lift them up and down, and are unable to safely navigate stairs without assistance.

    Does Wheelchair Works offer customization?

    We have customization options available to meet your specific lifting needs. All equipment has been carried out for testing as is necessary to ensure that the item arrives with you in good condition.

    Are there Wheelchair Works dealers near me?

    Wheelchair Works has hundreds of trusted dealers in Aldergrove, British Columbia. We offer medical homecare equipment with the highest quality and standards for every individual with unique needs.

    Get in touch with us at Wheelchair Works  today and we will help you choose the best stairlift in Aldergrove that’s just for you!