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Transport Power Chair In Surrey

Assistive devices have been known to be a great boon to people who find it difficult to move around independently. One of these devices is the electric wheelchair that is used by many elderly people and those suffering from injuries. At Wheelchair Works, we offer various selections of transport power chair in Surrey.

Shopping Power Chair In Surrey

The electric wheelchair proved to be advantageous, and an increasing number of mobility challenged people are now using it. Not only are mobility challenged people that you see on these powered wheelchairs, but a lot of elderly people too. Please take a look at our wide selection  of high-quality shopping power chair in Surrey BC

Airplane Power Wheelchair In Surrey BC

In general, electric wheelchairs are used by people who have limited or no mobility due to differing ailments. Some people are required to use a wheelchair because of old age, paralysis, weight, muscle atrophy, broken or weak bones, or other injuries that are deemed impossible to walk anymore. For more specialized care, come and see more of our new and used travel scooters and airplane power wheelchair in Surrey BC.

Travel Chairs 

A power wheelchair has easier turning points, speed options, and gears. Whether taking a sharp turn or going up a slope, our travel chairs make it very easy in terms of easy maneuvering and comfort.

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While a manual wheelchair has a cost advantage it simply doesn't match up to the power wheelchair when it comes to speed and safety. 

  • Travel Buggy
  • Travel Buggy wheelchairs come equipped with a range of options. The seats are large and comfortable and can be reclined to make you comfortable. The seats can also be raised or lowered depending on your height.

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • Experience total ease of mobility with the Eclipse Pathmaster. Affordable and easy to maneuver. These power chairs meet the individual needs of the consumer and are absolutely perfect to use for both indoors and outdoors.

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    A power wheelchair is easier to use and more sophisticated than its manual counterpart due to its power controls that give the user seamless maneuvering.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    Given the Travel Buggy’s exceptional features and other helpful options, it is one of the most affordable wheelchairs backed with modern technology to help people in terms of mobility and independence.


    Speed options

    The Travel Buggy wheelchair gives you multiple speed options. This means that you can adjust the speed of the wheelchair depending on whether you are moving about indoors or outdoors. 


    Maneuverability is another huge advantage of power wheelchairs. Watch a manual wheelchair in action and you will find that turning sharp corners and moving within smaller spaces is quite a challenge. 

    Get in touch with us at Wheelchair Works today and we will help you choose the best mobility equipment that’s just for you!