Vertical Platform Lift Burnaby

Vertical Platform Lift

Home mobility is one of the most pressing problems for people with physical disabilities. Being unable to move around your own house comfortably may be devastating to a person's mental health and wellness and possibly lead to physical problems. A vertical wheelchair lift Burnaby is meant for low-rise inside or outside journeys. Wheelchair Works allows people in wheelchairs and their companions to comfortably move up or down among two or more storeys of your house.

In terms of Home lift Surrey Bc, some consumers frequently look to Vertical Platform Lift Surrey BC if they think stairlifts and others are not the best approaches for them.

A vertical platform lift is a kind of home lift Surrey BC that has a secure and dependable alternative for individuals. With its high decks, steps connecting to a balcony or driveway, or broader public accessibility for persons with limited movement, disabled users, and aged people. 

The vertical platform lift Burnaby is among the most cost-effective accessible options, with a capability of 750 lbs and a heavy-duty variant of 1000 lbs. It enables you to lift yourself and your scooter or powered wheelchair to a highly challenging house or company with ease. Reach out to Wheelchair Works or call 604-674-0055 if you have questions or inquiries about installing or relocating your VPLs. They are willing to give you proper assistance and provide a quality service. 

The Four Kinds Of Vertical Platform Lift Burnaby

A vertical platform lift is an uplifting device that can go from small distances to several feet. A simple vertical platform lift has an open system and a driving component that moves the platform up or down. Below are the four kinds of vertical platform lift Burnaby suitable for you or any member of your family.

Unenclosed: This has been the most frequent VPL. Panel protectors are 42" tall.

Covered or Hoistway: This style of VPL is commonly found in business areas. It is the same as an unenclosed vertical platform lift, except it is built in a transparent cage or a contractor-built timber hoistway. One of the most aesthetically pleasing final products is the polycarbonate enclosure.

Portable: This regular portable open VPL is installed on a more extensive base with four adjustable wheels, allowing the floor to be readily moved.

Slanted: The inclined platform lift allows wheelchair users to access direct stairwells. These platforms offer smoothness and tenderness as they transport you from one level to the other, enabling you to reclaim your freedom. This device works in tiny stairwells, such as 34" residential stairwells.

The Advantages Of Having A Vertical Platform Lift Burnaby In Home

Aside from providing peace of mind and the opportunity to restore freedom and movement, VPLs provide several additional advantages:

Silent And Seamless: These VPLs have the finest and quietest glides in the industry, thanks to their innovative straight acme screw system.

Lowest Pricing Guaranteed: Since Wheelchair Works is the manufacturer, they can offer their clients an affordable VPL price. When you discover a significant discount, let them know immediately, and they'll not just meet it, but they'll give you an extra 10% off.

Safe All The Time: VPLs are outfitted with numerous security precautions, along with a protection underneath, primary descending mechanism, batteries backup in the event of a power loss, and immediate platforms will alert.

Environment Resistant: These VPLs are designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions. From the metal panel to the minor components to the greasing used on the movement, these platforms were previously scheduled to retain their similar state after being acquired for an extended period.

Easy To Install: The VPLs are among the most simple platform lifts to build. It just takes a couple of hours to put up as it arrives wholly prepared. An instruction guide and tutorials are included to make the situation even simple! If you want help with the installation of your VPL, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly support you.

Modifications Are Accessible: Because we are the manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of alternatives and custom functions. You may customize the color and proportions of your platforms, as well as install polycarbonate walls and gates.


Capabilities: up to 1,400 pounds

Traveling Altitude: 144 inches (home) or 168 inches (business)

Efficiency: 10 to 30 feet per minute

Drive: Roped Hydraulic/Chain Hydraulic/Standard ACME Screw/Accelerated ACME Screw

Home lift Surrey BC

The house should be a place where you can rest and perform anything you like, mainly if you reside in a significant city like Surrey, BC, which has a lot to contribute but might exhaust you. When you or a loved one is having difficulty moving about and may benefit from trustworthy aid from family, a home lift Surrey BC could be the solution.

Wheelchair Works house lifts supplies may enhance your ability to go up or down in different levels of your home and transfer meals as required. Stairlifts are being used to transport you up and down the steps, whereas vertical platform lifts may provide a fast transfer. Consider how much more comfortable and secure you'll feel that you can move about your home more readily while being accessible, Something which a home lift can help you.

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