Vertical Platform Lift In Langley

Simple And Straightforward For Ease Of Mobility

Our Vertical Platform Lifts fulfill the most simple and straightforward solution for lifting needs. Seamlessly and easily moving straight up and down, from driveway to entryway, deck to backyard, a reliable Vertical Platform Lift in Langley merges your inside life with your outside life with high efficiency.

TRUST-T-LIFT IN LANGLEY- Ergonomically Built To Last

With unmatched advancements in product design, simplicity, and flexibility, our Trust-T-lift in Langley is built and designed for function and aesthetic for better living. At Wheelchair Works, your accessibility needs are very important to us and we are here to help. 

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The Best And Most Efficient Lifts For Your Home

Excellence And High-quality Langley Home Elevator 

We have carefully selected, most efficient Langley  home elevator that mounts externally to a stair landing, balcony, or porch to assist users in transporting heavy materials. Made to be attached to any home or commercial building for cargo lifts from ground level up and down with the best braking system in industry.

Get A Stable Platform Lift In Langley

Our motorized overhead rack provides a safe and easily accessible elevated storage space that minimizes clutter and transforms your garage into a model of efficiency. Call us to receive free quotes for a fully functional platform lift in Langley.

RAM Vertical Platform Lift

RAM’s patented zero-load start aesthetic safeguards the motor during severe cold and heat for immediate start-up in any weather. The Soft Touch Paddle controls are responsive and oversized, allowing users with ease of movement.

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Only the best and functional vertical lifts for your home

Wheelchair Works and its staff stays up to date on the latest technologies in order to give you the most trouble-free vertical lift experience possible.

Fast and Timely Customer Response

We know that when a wheelchair accessible lift breaks down, a quick and timely response is key. To demonstrate our level of commitment, we are always available and contact us for any questions or other services.

How much is vertical lift?

Vertical lifts for homes can cost anywhere from $5,000 and up.

What are vertical lifts?

Vertical lifts, or VPL, are elevator-like mobility solutions which can transport a wheelchair, or other mobility device vertically between levels.

How high can a vertical platform lift go?

VPLs in homes can go up to 14 feet. They are elevator-like equipment usually installed in residences, on the external structure to access balconies, porches, and garages.

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