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Electric wheelchairs preserve your energy. The energy you save can be used for work or play later on. Buy now and choose from our many electric wheelchair in Burnaby, both new and used with affordable prices.

Fold Up Wheelchair In Burnaby

Since it folds up and can be stored away, a folding wheelchair is a great choice for anyone living in a smaller apartment, or who often has to store their wheelchair in a car. 

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Used Wheelchairs In Burnaby

Quality, usability, and price are some major considerations for other users when buying used wheelchairs in Burnaby. You can always get the right one for you at Wheelchair Works. Shop today and we will help you select one that is both comfortable and functional.

Wheelchair Sales In Burnaby

It's essential to have the proper wheelchair to assist you in accomplishing tasks each day and it must be sturdy and easy enough. Our wheelchair sales in Burnaby ensure the best sales and parts for your convenience.

Wheelchair Stores In Burnaby

Whether you’re on the road to recovery, undergoing rehabilitation, or disabled, our wheelchair stores in Burnaby guarantee the best wheelchairs, parts and accessories, and after sales services for our customers.

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If going longer distances, save yourself some energy by using a power wheelchair. It may be best to use a manual wheelchair at home and the office due to smaller turns having to be made and noise reduction.

  • Travel Buggy
  • The Travel Buggy foldable wheelchair helps the user to move around and about to different places they never could have reached in standard wheelchairs.The Travel Buggy helps ease of mobility, and more freedom to move everyday.

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • Have fun exploring outdoors with your loved ones with the Eclipse Pathmaster Series. Anyone who’s facing limited mobility can now fully experience life once more. 

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    Power wheelchairs are easy to use, can be customized according to one’s mobility requirements while maintaining freedom and comfort all at the same time.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    Disability can get the best of anyone regarding mobility and requires a wheelchair that can help the user to move around with leg rests and special back support for their needs.

    The Travel Buggy can be of assistance to them. Price starts at $3599.00.



    Not all wheelchairs are the same, and there’s always the right one for someone. Your comfort and freedom matter most, and Wheelchair Works has a wide selection of efficient, functional chairs for your needs.


    Having your first wheelchair may seem overwhelming. Always choose one tailored to your mobility requirements and one suited to help you move around and accomplish your daily activities. 

    Contact us for the kind of wheelchair that you want. Shop now from our new or used cost-effective wheelchairs here at Wheelchair Works!