Wheelchair In Cloverdale

Used Wheelchairs In Cloverdale

 Our used wheelchairs in Cloverdale come in a variety of models, and are manufactured by several different brands. Models vary in their functionality, speed, and weight capacity. Pricing also differs per manufacturer and model too.

Power Wheelchair In Cloverdale

For those who are looking for a power wheelchair in Cloverdale, buying a good quality wheelchair is an excellent option rather than compromising on quality for one with less than ideal features. Our friendly customer service staff will assist you all throughout the process.

Tilt Wheelchair In Cloverdale

Wheelchairs come in various models and one can select a suitable one for them. They are designed in such a way that provides maximum comfort to the user such as our tilt wheelchair in Cloverdale. Contact Wheelchair Works today for your required tilt wheelchair.

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  • Travel Buggy
  • The use of wheelchairs is advocated in the case of disabled people. Apart from the physician's suggestions, at times the need for mobility is so intense that the patient may make a personal request for one. The Travel Buggy is precisely designed for that purpose, keeping in mind the specific needs of the users. 

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • The Eclipse Pathmaster Series is apt for users of all age groups and varied disabilities. Some users may suffer compromised or restricted limb movement, whereas others may be recovering from accidents.

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    For those who suffer from long-term disabilities and are confined to wheelchairs, a motorized or power wheelchair will provide both mobility and speed. Offering far more sophisticated features than manually operated wheelchairs, a power wheelchair will cost correspondingly more. 

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    Wheelchairs, especially the Travel Buggy with customizable features and are powered, can be pricey but it is an investment made to suit freedom in mobility and more movement. Affordable models cost $3599.00. Contact us for estimates and options.


    High-quality Wheelchairs

    At Wheelchair Works, manufacturers offer a range of manual, electric, power and motorized wheelchairs. When purchasing wheelchairs, it is advisable to engage in comparison-shopping. This enables the users to analyze the prices, features and warranty terms. Wheelchairs are built on simple x-frames, which permit folding. After selecting one, the user may get it fitted with seat and back cushions and other accessories, to provide comfort. 


    Before purchasing a power wheelchair for yourself or someone else, consult with a doctor familiar with the physical condition of the chair's future user. The doctor will be able to recommend the ways in which the power wheelchair can be modified to meet the user's needs. If, for example, the user has no hand function, the joystick used to control the power wheelchair will need modification so that it will respond to some other part of the user's body. 

    We make sure that we meet our customers’ mobility requirements for a better, happier living. Reach out to us now at Wheelchair Works and we will help you get the safest and user-friendly mobility equipment!