Wheelchairs In Delta BC

Wheelchair Stores In Delta BC

Our staff at our wheelchair stores in Delta BC will see to it that customers test their selected wheelchair to get acquainted with the features. This is a very important step and crucial because we want to ensure you get the best and highly efficient wheelchair for daily use. 

Transit Wheelchairs In Delta BC

Whether you’re a person with disability, recuperating from an illness or injury, or undergoing rehabilitation, we offer the best transit wheelchairs in Delta BC for our customers.

Used Wheelchairs In Delta BC

If budget is making you worry about buying a wheelchair, you can always choose from our used wheelchairs in Delta BC. Here is the chance to have more freedom and movement with our affordable wheelchairs and are within your reach. 

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Buying a slightly used wheelchair can be a great alternative as they tend to cost much less than brand new ones. Just like with cars,wheelchairs also decrease in value once over time; in some cases, they are rarely used at all and have retained their best qualities and features which are perfect for next use. This means that you could get a wheelchair in excellent condition with hardly any use for less. 

Contrary to popular belief, people with mobility problems like to just be able to sit back and let others take care of them. But full-time pampering isn't what these people are after. They want to get back a measure of their freedom and be able to take themselves where they want to go. 

  • Travel Buggy
  • The Travel Buggy is one of the best wheelchairs in Delta BC as it helps the individual take back control to enjoy outdoor activities, and to speed things up for them. 

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • Don’t let your mobility stop you from having fun outdoors. Take advantage and be totally comfortable from the many benefits the Eclipse Pathmaster Series can bring. Contact us today for estimates and other models.

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    Power wheelchairs are easy to use because they are built with an access/drive control that helps a user to move around. There are different types of drive controls on other models depending on the person’s mobility needs.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    For those who are suffering from physical ailments or have permanently lost their mobility, the Travel Buggy can help change their lives for the long-term, and for the better.


    Speed options

    Our wheelchairs have helped many users to move around again because they simply support movements in a fast and easy manner. Most handicapped users love this benefit because they have already experienced the difficulties of not having enough autonomy and freedom to move like they used to.

    Ease Of Mobility 

    Our wheelchairs help customers get back moving comfortably and easily; and get to experience the outdoors with their loved ones with minimal effort.

    Customize your wheelchair with us at Wheelchair Works so you can bring home the best and most efficient mobility equipment for your daily needs!