Wheelchairs In Pitt Meadows

Power Wheelchair In Pitt Meadows

For those who are in need of a power wheelchair in Pitt Meadows, getting a good quality wheelchair is a great decision rather than settling for one that is low on quality and less-than-ideal features. Call us at Wheelchair Works so we can assist you in selecting a wheelchair that is suitable for you.

Tilt Wheelchair In Pitt Meadows

Wherever you are, our tilt wheelchair in Pitt Meadows provides accessibility, comfort, and convenience. Contact us at Wheelchair Works today for the best tilt wheelchair.

Used Wheelchairs In Pitt Meadows

We offer used wheelchairs in Pitt Meadows for individuals who are budget conscious and are looking for affordable, yet high-quality and efficient equipment. We guarantee that our used wheelchairs are still in excellent and usable condition.

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A number of wheelchairs can be transported as they are while some require disassembling. There are detachable utility trays, arm rests, and other accessories that can be included. Call us for purchase or after sales service here at Wheelchair Works.

  • Travel Buggy
  • The Travel Buggy is a modern power wheelchair whose features are made to conform to the user’s body size and its contours for comfort, freedom and ease of moving around.

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • The Eclipse Pathmaster Series are for users who want to do other things while staying comfortable with minimal effort.

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    Not all users have the same mobility function. Easy to use, power wheelchairs can enable them to move around. 

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    The Travel Buggy has its own price tag, but is recommended by many doctors and clinics. This wheelchair is an investment in itself: customizable features which the user can benefit with regard to moving around. Some models are priced at $3599.00 . Get in touch with us for consultation and estimates.  


    High-grade Wheelchairs

    Our wheelchairs are designed to be portable — one that can be easily disassembled. Getting the appropriate wheelchair to meet the user’s suitability needs is integral for mobility. They must be comfortable but also be safe and use the wheelchair to the maximum ability. 

    Comfort & Stability

    Short-term/permanent users need to ensure that their chair is personalized to their own requirements, this is best done by an occupational therapist or a wheelchair technician.

    The user’s type of disability needs to be given great consideration when choosing the right wheelchair, if they have spinal injury, then the level type and type of injury will need to be considered, for example, the person may well have a hand dexterity that prevents them from using the standard push rims, if this is the case raised push rims may be required. 

    Browse now at Wheelchair Works and we will help you select cost-effective and user-friendly mobility equipment for your daily needs!