Wheelchair Repair In Coquitlam

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If your wheelchair has been having issues --- from control panel and battery to your wheelchair’s overall movement and functionality, call us for wheelchair service in Coquitlam for repair replacement service. We will see to it that your mobility equipment gets the best kind of service from Wheelchair Works.

Mobility Repair In Coquitlam 

Although second-hand, used mobile scooters are still an investment for one’s recuperation and rehabilitation needs, and are not of the cheap kind. We provide affordable repair or replace wheelchair and scooter parts for mobility repair in Coquitlam. These equipment are sophisticated in a sense that each part has its significant role to fulfill.

Repair & Replacement Service 

Wheelchair Works offers the best and cost-effective solutions for repair and replacement of parts. To get a better understanding of your used scooter’s problems, simply call us for assessment and we will have it serviced for you.

Wheelchair & Scooter Repair & Replacement Service

Tilt wheelchairs are specialized assistive mobility equipment and are in-demand in the healthcare industry. One small glitch can seriously impact the overall function, and basic troubleshooting will often require the skills of a professional. Call us today for Wheelchair Works’ repair and replacement service for wheelchair and scooters.

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At every service, we make sure that the wheelchair restraints and lifts are checked and repaired if needed. If either of these aspects of your wheelchair accessible vehicle are damaged or worn, there would be serious consequences on the overall safety of your van or car. A specialist mechanic will understand what condition these parts should be in and judge your mobility wheelchair accordingly.

Budget shouldn’t deter your hopes in getting your wheelchair serviced by a professional. Our repair service comes with a warranty, so contact us to know more.

The tires on my wheelchair don’t seem to move. What is wrong with it?

It could be that the anti-thrust cushions are stuck due to some mitigating factors. 

Are used wheelchairs a good buy?

As long as they are sold by a reputable used wheelchair store and offer professional repair service, you’re in good hands. 

Can you service my scooter even during the night?

To help serve you better, give us a call right away and let us know exactly the issues you’re having with your mobility scooter. We will then schedule a repair service and it’s usually a same-day service.


Used Wheelchairs Are Sold In Excellent Condition

Wheelchair Works understands that cost is one of the factors that make people hesitate in owning one. If you happen to suffer from a long-term mobility problem and have been wanting to speed up recovery, we have a great selection of used wheelchairs and scooters that are budget-friendly and best of all, functioning excellently.

Wide Array Of Wheelchairs

We have a  huge selection of wheelchairs, both new and used,  in Cloverdale, BC. Don’t let price and wheelchair conditions hinder your need for movement. Wheelchair Works has the best medical equipment for homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

Get in touch with us at Wheelchair Works today and we will help you choose the best mobility equipment that’s just for you!