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Wheelchairs In Surrey

Disability will always be a challenge and it should not deter anyone from doing and enjoying the things life has to offer. Our wheelchairs in Surrey BC here at Wheelchair Works offer comfort, freedom, and easy access and navigation from one place to another.

Power Wheelchairs In Surrey BC

If you are looking to upgrade your current wheelchair to a new one or need something short-term for recovery, shop today from our latest power wheelchairs in Surrey, both new and used with affordable prices.

Self Care Wheelchairs In Surrey

Just like our brand new wheelchairs, we also offer self care wheelchairs in Surrey that are assessed and thoroughly checked for convenience, functionality, and quality without much of a cost.

Wheelchair Purchase In Surrey

Carefully consider what you truly want for your wheelchair purchase in Surrey. You can always get the right one at Wheelchair Works and we will assist you in  getting one that is both comfortable and functional.

Wheelchair Mobility In Surrey

It's essential to have the right wheelchair to aid you every day and it must be comfortable, user-friendly, and sturdy enough.  Our wheelchair mobility in Surrey provides some of the best brands at our shop.

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Save more of your energy when traveling longer distances by using a power wheelchair in Surrey BC. Manual wheelchairs are best suited at home and the office and are built to move and navigate smaller turns with noise reduction.

  • Travel Buggy
  • The Travel Buggy foldable wheelchair is for anyone who loves to move around and to different places than a standard wheelchair would. The Travel Buggy helps with ease of access, comfort, and plenty of room to move.

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • Bring that joy and adventure back with the Eclipse Pathmaster Series. Anyone who’s struggling with limited mobility can now fully experience life with their loved ones once more. 

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    Power wheelchairs are customizable according to your medical needs which makes them easy to use. Never compromise comfort and freedom for a chair that doesn’t suit you, call us and let us help you choose.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    Disability can be a challenge to the individual who wants the best in life. The Travel Buggy supports the user’s needs to help them move around comfortably and happily



    Not all wheelchairs are built with the same features, and choosing the right one is easy. New or used, your comfort and freedom matter most.Wheelchair Works has a wide selection of efficient, functional chairs for you to choose from.


    We truly understand what our customers’ needs when it comes to the ideal wheelchair. Be it for short-term recovery or lessening the challenges of disability, there’s one to help you in your daily activities. 

    Contact us for assistance here at Wheelchair Works. Shop now from our new or used affordable wheelchairs that can last a long time!