Wheelchairs In Abbotsford

Assisting One's Mobility With Wheelchairs in Abbotsford 

Wheelchairs afford many benefits for the disabled. They have made life for immobile patients much simpler and easier. Nowadays,  there are different kinds of wheelchairs available ranging from manual to electric wheelchairs in Abbotsford.

Efficient and Affordable Abbotsford Wheelchair For You or For A Family Member

Wheelchairs have made moving around very easy and trouble-free. For hospitals and nursing homes, an Abbotsford wheelchair is quite  an indispensable necessity. Often, it becomes imperative to move patients around hospital corridors and open spaces.

Get The Most Efficient Used Chairs in Abbotsford BC

Walking becomes a serious concern for some people who lose their mobility due to long term illness or a sudden disability; and so is the budget for the proper equipment. In such cases, used wheelchairs in Abbotsford BC still provide that much needed support and movability. 

Wheelchair Sales in Abbotsford BC

Apart from manual and electric wheelchair sales in Abbotsford BC for purchase, you also have options for praactical accessories. Experience complete comfort and mobility  with our wide array of wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Stores in Abbotsford BC

Wheelchair Works is one the leading wheelchair stores in Abbotsford BC. Simply call us and let us know the specific requirements you need in a wheelchair.

Ergonomic and Cost Effective Wheelchairs in Abbotsford BC

Mobility wheelchairs in Abbotsford BC are designed for people who are struggling with mobility, and have been very helpful for them to move freely or travel in an independent manner.

When it comes to affordability and ergonomics, choose Wheelchair Works and we will help you in selecting the best wheelchair based on your everyday needs.

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • The Eclipse Pathmaster series offer comfort, long-lasting usage, and value. It’s one power wheelchair that can meet your mobility needs for both indoors and outdoors.

  • Travel Buggy
  • Travel Buggy power wheelchairs are fully equipped, rendering movement in and around the home quite easy and comfortable.

    Consult Us Today

    Once you have made a decision to invest in a wheelchair, Wheelchair Works has a wide selection of affordable, practical wheelchairs that will suit your needs completely. 

    Are wheelchairs easy to use?

    This depends on the individual’s needs. Manual wheelchairs are best suited for people with upper body strength for maneuvering. On the other hand, electric wheelchairs are designed for people with specialized mobility requirements: from patients with muscle atrophy to quadriplegia.

    I need a more nicely designed wheelchair for comfort, but I can still walk. Can I purchase solely for that reason?

    Wheelchairs in general are easy to use. Manual wheelchairs are also great for people with recurring thoraco-lumbar pain and find comfort in sitting, but electric powered ones are much easier and help navigate a user or a patient in moving around indoors and outdoors.

    Why People Choose Wheelchair Works

    High Quality, High Standards 

    Wheelchair Works ensures that all wheelchairs are industry-grade, and made of high-quality materials.

    Wide Array Of Wheelchairs

    You’ll find that we have a  huge selection of wheelchairs in Abbotsford, BC, From back pain to leg injury to paraplegia and quadriplegia, Wheelchair Works has the best medical equipment for homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

    Get in touch with us at Wheelchair Works  today and we will help you choose the best stairlift in Abbotsford BC that’s just for you!