Wheelchairs In Agassiz

Tilt Wheelchair In Agassiz

Affordability and convenience can really make a difference to the lives of people facing mobility issues and are mainly felt in our tilt wheelchair in Agassiz. Wheelchair Works offers functionality, adaptability, and cost-effective wheelchairs that can be easily customized to individual needs. Consult us today for your preferred tilt wheelchair.

Used Wheelchairs In Agassiz

For people who are old and have difficulty walking, have suffered physical injuries, or disabled, the chance to have more freedom and mobility is possible with our used wheelchairs in Agassiz. We have the perfect selection for your needs that are truly friendly to your budget.   

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Whether you decide to invest in a pre-owned used wheelchair or a new one, it is always advisable to do a lot of research before selecting the right one to suit your lifestyle. We always recommend to test drive the equipment before purchasing it. Not all models are the same and different designs suit different users.

Certain illnesses, accidents, old age, and surgery can render a person to become immobile temporarily, or permanently. These are factors that can make walking very difficult let alone stand for a long time. Although challenging, Wheelchair Works offers a wide range of wheelchairs to choose from depending on your needs.

  • Travel Buggy
  • For anyone who has mobility concerns, walking short distances are limited because the bones and muscles do not function like they used to. The Travel Buggy gives back this control and helps speed things up for them. 

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • Anyone with limited mobility that loves being outdoors would benefit greatly by using the Eclipse pathmaster Series. Call us today for more information. 

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    Power wheelchairs are controlled by an access/drive control. There are different variants of drive controls which are used depending on the user's level of mobility, making the power wheelchair easy to use.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    For those who are suffering from a temporary physical injury or have permanently lost their mobility, investing in the Travel Buggy can undoubtedly change their lives for the better. Pricing starts at $3599.00


    Speed options

    We offer the best, cost-effective mobility equipment for individuals to help them move around and accomplish things faster. Many disabled users appreciate this benefit because they have already experienced the hardships of spasms and aches that prevented, slowed them down,  or totally stopped them from moving. 


    This is why electric wheelchairs are being sought after. Having a wheelchair allows for a deisabled or handicapped person to take back control of his independence to move and roam about. This helps them get around, socialize again, and get to experience the outside world too without exerting too much energy in moving the wheelchair. 

    Please call us at Wheelchair Works to assist you in selecting the best and efficient mobility equipment for you!