Electric Wheelchair In Vancouver

Wheelchairs For Sale In Vancouver BC

Many customers and patients will greatly benefit from our wheelchairs for sale in Vancouver BC. If you need an electric wheelchair, don't feel trapped - we want to ensure you get the best and highly efficient wheelchair for daily use. 

Used Wheelchairs For Sale In Vancouver

Financial burden is not unusual and this is one factor that stops those in truly need of a functional wheelchair.  Worry no more, we offer cost-effective used wheelchairs for sale in Vancouver so you can have more freedom and movement with our affordable wheelchairs. 

Wheelchair Lifts In Vancouver

Our wheelchair lifts in Vancouver are a great tool for assisting health care providers in transporting patients from sitting to standing position. Retirement homes and health care facilities frequently have wheelchair lifts for use by the injured or elderly patients.

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Shopping from our slightly used wheelchair sales in Vancouver can be a great alternative as they tend to cost much less than brand new ones. Over time, a wheelchair in Vancouver BC

also decrease in value and in some cases, they are never really used at all and have retained their best qualities and features which are perfect for next use. This means that you could get yours from our used wheelchairs for sale in Vancouver BC that are both functional and affordable. 

  • Travel Buggy
  • The Travel Buggy is one of our best used wheelchairs in Vancouver as it helps the individual take back control to enjoy outdoor activities, and to speed things up for them. 

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • Don’t let pride and limited mobility stop you from moving about to travel outdoors. Be fully comfortable from the many benefits the Eclipse Pathmaster Series can bring. Consult us today for other models, accessories, and pricing.

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    Power wheelchairs are easy to use because they come with an access/drive control that helps a user to navigate around. There are many types of drive controls on other models depending on the person’s mobility needs.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    For those who have permanently lost mobility or are suffering from physical ailments, the Travel Buggy can help change their lives for the long-term, and for the better.


    Speed options

    Our wheelchairs have helped many users enjoy life again because they simply support their mobility requirements easily and comfortably.  Many of our handicapped customers appreciate the features because they have already experienced the hardships of not having enough movement and independence.

    Ease Of Mobility 

    Our wheelchairs help customers in terms of assistance and comfort with minimal effort. Reach out to us today and we will help you choose the wheelchair that you need.

    At Wheelchair Works, we only what will truly work for you! Bring home the best and most efficient mobility equipment for your daily needs!