5860 Ultra Cubital Tunnel Elbow Splint



This splint immobilizes and positions the elbow to reduce pain from cubital tunnel syndrome, and minimizes stretching of the Ulnar nerve.

  • Made of rigid black high density polyethylene shell with a plush grey terry cloth lining
  • A cost effective alternative to pre or post cast application

The Ultra Cubital Tunnel Elbow Brace is best for:

  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Post-op application
  • Post-cast removal

About this product:

This is a night splint for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. It immobilizes and positions the elbow at 122° to minimize stretching of the ulnar nerve, reducing pain and numbness. 

The outer shell is made of extra-rigid ABS material to hold your elbow in a neutral position, and the liner is made of a plush cloth that is comfortable for long-term wear. 

How to put the splint on:
  1. Remove the Velcro on the top and bottom straps and reattach so the straps are loose, without pulling them through the plastic rings.
  2. Undo the Velcro on the center strap and unwrap the strap from around the splint, leaving it undone.
  3. Rest the splint on a table or counter, holding it with one hand and sliding your other arm through the straps. Your elbow should be resting firmly in the splint, lined up with the bend in the centre of the splint.
  4. Pull the top and bottom Velcro straps so they tighten in the plastic rings, then fold them over and re-attach so that the brace is secure on your arm, not too tight but not moving around or sliding up and down.
  5. Take the centre strap and fold it over top of your arm, around the bottom of the splint and back over the top, and reattach the Velcro.

How to take the splint off:

  1. Remove the Velcro on the centre strap and reattach as loosely as possible
  2. Remove the Velcro on the top and bottom straps and reattach as loosely as possible
  3. Slide your arm out

How to wash the splint:

The liner is attached to the rigid plastic with Velcro. Remove the liner, wash in cold water with a mild detergent, and air dry. Wipe the rigid plastic with a damp cloth if necessary. 



Sizing on this product is flexible. Model is 5'5', 120 lbs and wears a size S/M.

Size Description
S/M Fits most females and smaller-framed males
M/L Fits most males and larger framed females
L/XL Fits most larger framed males

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