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5 Minds Adapt Mattress


The Adapt interchangeable foam replacement surface with Shear Reduction Technology (SRT) is an innovative solution designed to address shearing forces present during client movement in bed or when changing the position of the bed frame, at the same time ensuring proper pressure redistribution. The Adapt is our modifiable surface for the client at high risk of experiencing skin breakdown and may require the addition of air components. The side bolsters complete with accordion cuts provide an excellent transfer edge.


  • Removable sections of GelFlex to accommodate the installation of air inserts
  • 360 degrees of movement offering reduction of shear in all directions, essential when reducing the risk of skin breakdown related to shear forces
  • Head and foot sections of foam are fixed in place to ensure that the component parts of the mattress ‘re-set’ themselves
  • Designed to reduce need for re-positioning
  • Bolstered sides for ease of transfer
  • Multi-zoned to address pressure redistribution requirements at head, torso and feet
  • Higher cut middle section to improve immersion without compromising transfers
  • 5 way stretch incontinent cover
  • Two-year warranty

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