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Clean Shield™ Elevated Toilet Seat 3"


The Clean Shield seat is a 3" elevated toilet seat that is designed with the user's needs as the top priority. First and foremost is seat security.  The patented Snap 2 Secure installation system prevents your Clean Shield seat from wiggling or loosening during use. When you need an elevated seat, either with or without arms, seat security is very important.

Seat security is not the only benefit we redefine. The stylish, residential appearance of the seat "hides" an innovative shield that keeps everything in the bowl. Our ring is engineered to be comfortable during use and has a high weight capacity rating. The hinges provide additional residential features one should expect with a “Best” level seat.

Support Arms are also available separately for the Clean Shield seat.

The Clean Shield seat is redefining the expectations of users of elevated and armed seats.

  • Patented Snap 2 Secure system generates and maintains perfect clamping force, properly securing the seat for your safety
  • Stylish, residential appearance for your home
  • Self-sustaining hinges allow for easy cleaning and prevent ring slamming
  • Innovative, patented “reverse funnel” design of the shield keeps everything in the bowl, while avoiding contact
  • Solid plastic seat engineered an tested to over 450 KG
  • Optional Support Arms are weight bearing, engineered and tested to over 135 KG per side
  • Our Support Arms accept even or uneven pressure and do not wiggle or loosen
  • Seat’s smooth, glossy surface is easy to clean and stain resistant

How does it work?

  • Each component of the system is engineered to generate and maintain the correct claming force
  • Bushing stabilizes the mounting bolt... restricting movement, the busing prevents the nut from loosening
  • Thrust Washer makes tightening easier and restricts nut movement, preventing it from loosening
  • Shear Line is engineered to snap when the correct claming force is achieved, ensuring a secured seat
  • Installation Head accepts the Installation Tool for final tightening... head will snap off when correct clamping force is reached
  • Nut maintains the claming force and prevents loosening... remove by simply turning with the Installation Tool
  • Installation Tool included providing you the right tool to properly secure your seat
  • The system is patented and over 10 million seats have been successfully installed using this system

How do we know it works?

  • Bemis conducts industry standard tests (ANSI 124.5) as well as Bemis specific test to simulate actual use over time
  • Bemis's "Side to Side" test simulates user movement on seat
  • Snap 2 Secure has been tested to over 30,000 cycles on the Side to Side test without any loosening of the seat!
  • Competitive risers and elevated seats do not achieve the correct clamping force and loosen easily during this test

Why is it important?

  • A secure seat is a must for anyone with sitting or standing issues
  • A secure seat provides independence... the user can trust their seat
  • Loose seats are more difficult to sit on and stand up from, increasing risk of a fall


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