Geo-Matrix Platinum Plus



The Geo-Matrix™ Platinum Bariatric cushion is designed to provide comfort for people who require skin protection and gentle positioning with maximum pressure redistribution and increased stability. A base layer of gel provides vibration dampening, making this cushion perfect for powered wheelchairs. The Platinum Bariatric is beneficial for those with existing skin issues or who are at higher risk for skin breakdown, when additional weight support is also required.

Worry Free Comfort! Geo-Matrix™ gel’s closed cell construction ensures no risk of migration, leaking or oozing hazards posed by air or fluid filled products. Geo-Matrix™ has no risk for punctures, flattening, failing
or inflation issues.

Geo-Matrix™ gel is capable of stretching more then 10x it’s original size only to immediately rebound back
to it’s starting shape / position. Geo-Matrix™ gel can withstand the most aggressive users with no risk of the
gel losing it’s integrity.

Proven pressure redistribution through the Geo-Matrix™ gel’s columnar collapse. As the column walls collapse under peak pressure points, the neighbouring walls stretch to take on the pressure and expand it through a wider area, creating a larger “footprint” and eliminating peak pressure points. This, paired with the gel’s immensely immersive properties make Geo-Matrix™ a leader in preventing skin break down and healing existing ulcers.

Geo-Matrix™ gel comes in a variety of firmness’ , allowing for a comfortable feeling no matter the
user’s preference.

Geo-Matrix™ gel is non porous, so it will not absorb liquids. Feel free to use any (non-bleach) disinfectant on all gel components to eliminate all germs and bacteria!

Many wheelchair users are exposed to Whole Body Vibration (WBV) every single day. WBV can pose serious health risks after prolonged exposure, including; fatigue, stomach problems, headaches, loss of balance and more… Geo-Matrix™ gel absorbs vibration and ultimately lessens the effects of WBV to the user.

Friction and shear forces are created when a surface is lacking in segmentation and therefore friction / shear wounds can occur. Luckily, Geo-Matrix™ gel has segmentation in every single gel sheet! Meaning significant prevention of friction and shear wounds.

Because Geo-Matrix™ products not only prevent wounds, but they ALSO dampen vibration AND manage microclimate, this means that Geo-Matrix™ users are experiencing more over all comfort and therefor are able to withstand longer sit times before requiring weight adjustment or transfers.

Geo-Matrix™ gel is not affected by outside temperatures. Meaning the gel will not freeze when cold, and will not become fluid when warmed. Geo-Matrix™ gel always remains 2 degrees below ambient temperature. Meaning Geo-Matrix™ gel achieves an ideal microclimate management system for the entire length of a user’s experience.

Yes, Geo-Matrix™ gel can be machine washed! The gel can also be submerged, scrubbed, and sprayed.

Product Specifications


A base layer of 1” thick Purple gel with a contoured dual high density foam core and a top layer of .75” Pillow Top gel that cascades over the front of the cushion


All of our cushions come protected by a soft touch outer incontinent proof cover as well as an inner wipeable moisture proof cover




20×16, 20×18, 20×20, 20×22, 22×16, 22×18, 22×20, 22×22, 24×16, 24×18, 24×20, 24×22, 24×24, 26×16, 26×18, 26×20, 26×22, 26×24, 26×26


All dimensions available


GPB”WxD” eg. GPB2018


Maximum 450lbs

financing available

*Prequalifying Will Not Impact Your Credit Score

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