The top layer of the Harmony Relax is 2" of GelFlex foam that helps prevent becoming overheated at night. This is a gel infused visco-elastic memory foam that contours to your body, providing an extremely comfortable and luxurious feel. The middle layer is 2" of memory foam. It is firmer than the top layer providing great support while remaining "springy" meaning the foam rebounds faster than other memory foams. This makes sleeping more comfortable since you are not fighting to turn over at night because you have immersed to deep into the foam.

Engineered for Perfection.

The base layer of the Relax mattress has been engineered to articulate perfectly on your adjustable bed.  At Harmony beds we have studied how a mattress contours as the adjustable foundation articulates. We have designed specific cut outs in the foam that prevent "bunching" of the foam when the mattress is being compressed from raising the head and foot sections.  This feature is truly unique to the Harmony Relax and will ensure your comfort for many years.

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