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The bathroom is considered one of the most unsafe rooms in every home. From bath slips to falls on a wet floor, it's simply too easy to get injured in this usually small room. Wheelchair Works offers the best and sturdy safety products for the elderly and individuals struggling with mobility that can make this room less of a danger to those people who reside in the home. Call us today to choose and buy online bathroom safety products in White Rock.

Wheelchair Works’ High-quality Daily Safety Products For Bathrooms In White Rock

For those that have been unable to take a shower, our high-quality, efficient safety products for bathrooms in White Rock have helped both young and old people with mobility issues. Please browse through our site and buy your preferred high-quality bathroom products available at Wheelchair Works. These are carefully made from high-quality materials that will resist build up from shampoos and soaps, and molds.

Quality-approved Bathroom Products - Daily Safety Products Solutions For Safety & Mobility

Our bathroom safety products have been an immense help to the elderly and people who are having mobility issues to prevent a fall in the shower. Wheelchair Works has the best and most efficient daily safety bathroom products that can help provide support for those who have difficulty maintaining their balance or keep someone from falling.

The Best Bathroom Safety Products - For Personal Homecare & Professional Settings

If the height of the toilet makes it difficult to sit down or stand up or if someone cannot walk to the bathroom, then a commode chair may be the answer. From toilet risers that make it easier to sit down or stand up, to commode chairs that can be placed next to a bed, there is a solution for every situation. Wheelchair Works provides the best safety products for everyday bathroom safety needs in homes, hospitals, physical rehabilitation facilities, and more.

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The bathroom has its hidden dangers even to the most mobile person. Significant safety hazards in homes and in other healthcare facilities are strictly  observed at all times, making it all the more a good reason to have these bathroom safety products especially for people with mobility problems.

  • Bath chairs, shower benches and shower seats
  • A useful equipment for disabled or elderly bathroom users is a well-built bath chair, shower bench or shower chair that has the ability to allow some degree of safety during the movement into or out of the tub or into the shower stall and back during the bathing routine.

  • Grab bars
  • Grab bars made of either plastic or can be installed on any wall in a bathroom and are especially made to give users something to hold onto when going in or out of the bathtub.

    Are these bathroom safety products easy to install?

    They are, and it doesn’t take a day to get rails or grab bars installed properly in the bathroom.

    How much does a raised toilet lift cost?

    Our raised toilet seats start at $50.00 and up, depending on your mobility requirements.


    For an elderly or people with specialized mobility care,  the task of taking a shower can become impossible or worse, dangerous. To avoid bathroom mishaps and enjoy access to the shower, people with mobility needs can enjoy our many daily bathroom safety products in Abbotsford that are available.

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