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Used Wheelchairs In Mission BC

For those who are looking for used wheelchairs in Mission BC, shopping for a good quality used wheelchair is an excellent option rather than settling for an equipment with features that do not exactly match your needs. Our friendly customer service staff will assist you all throughout the process.

Wheelchair Sales In Mission BC

Our wheelchair sales in Mission BC come in different models and sizes from several manufacturers. You will find that our wheelchairs vary in function and speed that can be unique to users. Our staff will help you with choosing the best one along with their corresponding pricing.

Wheelchair Stores In Mission BC

Our wheelchairs are designed specifically for users with different mobility requirements that offer maximum comfort to them, so please browse through our wheelchair stores in Mission BC. Contact Wheelchair Works today for your preferred wheelchair.

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A number of wheelchairs can be disassembled, while some need to be transported as they are. There are detachable armrests, power recliners, seat elevation devices and utility trays that can be included. Call us for purchase of after sales service for our wheelchairs in Mission BC

  • Travel Buggy
  • The Travel Buggy is a dynamic power wheelchair that includes features which are constructed to fit the body size and contours of anybody who needs to use one. 

  • Eclipse Pathmaster Series 
  • The Eclipse Pathmaster Series are built to make movement easier and more comfortable while enjoying your independence.

    Are power wheelchairs easy to use?

    It is important to find a wheelchair that guarantees stability and adequate turning radius. consider some factors before deciding what to buy. The first thing that you should do is to ask your doctor or occupational therapist what kind of wheelchair is good for you. When considering buying a power wheelchair, you must look for the quality, ease of navigation, and comfort. They are generally easy to use and come in different models.

    Is the Travel Buggy expensive?

    The Travel Buggy is considered costly, but very worth it when it comes to using it. It is customizable with many great features. Pricing starts at $3599.00 so please contact us for quotes and options.


    Speed options

    When people have been in an accident, recovery may prove to be short or extended. In some cases, the injuries are short term and the doctor confirms that the patient will completely recover sooner, the patient may choose a wheelchair that is up to speed that is comfortable enough during the recovery period.


    There is a specific type of wheelchair for anyone. Since wheelchairs are not the same, it is the way it can be maneuvered that helps the user in navigation and movement. A good wheelchair must fit a user whose strength and agility are affected. At Wheelchair Works, we truly want the best for you.

    Browse now at Wheelchair Works and we will help you select cost-effective and user-friendly mobility equipment for your daily needs!